November 30 Volunteer Update

The fog came and the fog came out….but even with a few delays, we got all the athletes got down the mountain ‘under their own power’ including one athlete who made sudden contact with the Tickety Net.

The morning started with a highline project involving Andi Kroener, one of our FIS Pros here this week. If you see him, ask him to show you his bandaid. Andi was a great sport to be the ‘injured athlete’ in the project. He even endured having an IV put in. Now the FIS Pros have firsthand knowledge of the professionalism of our Medical Team. They now have a better understand why the timeline to safely evacuate an athlete is what it is. Pilou’s words not mine. Great job.

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November 29 Volunteer Update

Wow………they don’t get much better than that! What an excellent training run. All 66 athletes that started got safely to the bottom…and so did the 150 volunteers that were up there to make sure they did.

Tonight’s Team Captains Meeting only lasted 15 minutes with NO comments from the Coaches. That means ‘today was a very good day all around’.

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November 28 Volunteer Update

The snow stopped, the clouds parted, the sun came out……and a beautiful race track appeared.

Pretty amazing to see the fruits of so much labour these past weeks under a sunny day.

Today, I saw lots of new faces and lots of (old) familiar faces here for Ladies Week. Welcome (back). I hope those Men’s Week volunteers that left on the weekend got home safely.

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November 27 Volunteer Update

Not bad –two weeks of activity and only this morning we had our first real ‘clash’ of operational programs as we were attempting to button up our ‘side’ of Easy Street while the resort was still grooming their ‘side’ of Easy Street. It made for a lumpy bit until it was sorted out. Thanks you for your patience – that was a lot of cats working on Easy Street this am….and a few public and a lot of B Nets being installed.

Our second ‘clash’ occurred with the tour of our event sponsors (Audi) that came down Upper Wiwaxy under the ‘careful’ eye of Darrell and myself. There was a clearly a ‘lost in translation’ moment as this group of 30 Swedes got away from us and skied right past their Oly Crossing exit. Thanks to the crew who flagged them down safely. Our bad.

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November 26 Volunteer Update

Ok, it can stop snowing, get cold and let that sun shine….except for a couple of guns along Easy Street the race course will be a much quieter place in the morning. After building the biggest whale of snow at the top of Fallaway that I have seen in many years, we started to push it. Goldie spent the entire day smearing that whale all across C Turn. It is very wet snow so when the temps drop, it is going to set up perfectly. Stoner groomed out the line from above Net 1 all the way up to the base of the Gully and Saunders pushed the line over Claire’s Corner down towards the Finish. Folks – we have ourselves a race course. It is just going to need a few more B Nets, some Vexar and a Finish Line!

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