December 5 Volunteer Update

Sorry for the delay in sending out this Update but I needed some time to find the right words.

Crews came off the mountain around 5 pm on Sunday. Goldie & Mike Stone continued grooming the entire course out fence to fence for the Norams. What structures, nets, equipment that weren’t required for the Norams, needed to come off the mountain. The Noram’s will use our DH start but their finish area is up on Timing Flats. From the final racer of the SuperG until dark and later, there was truly a flurry of activity including several helicopter lifts of equipment off the mountain. This work was made even more remarkable given the effort to get us SuperG race-ready on Sunday morning – it was another long, long day. Check out the Lake Louise Ski Resort webcam of the base area – not much of our World Cup is left……..but the Norams have excellent weather for their first training run.

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December 2 Volunteer Update

That was a great day!

Winning with Bib 29 caused quite a stir in the Finish Area. The stories were almost written and then Italy’s Sofia Goggia (Bib 28) came down and shocked the class of the field with a solid run THEN Slovenia’s Ilka Stuhec came down and topped everyone. It was Ilka’s first World Cup Podium let alone first WC win. Congrats to her!

Winning from that position is a true credit to your track preparation. Things just better and better as the race progressed. You guys definitely delivered your A game today.

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December (yes) 1st Volunteer Update

Three in a row and each one was better than the previous one….as they should be with training runs – nice work everyone!

Our Friday race is simply known on the program as DH 1 but it is much more than that. It is the culmination of weeks of work by all of you – work this week by all crews and work in the previous weeks by those of you cheering us on from home. We won’t let you down. You can follow along on FIS Live Timing.

Friday’s race schedule is the same as we have been running for the training runs except the ladies will racing for the podium, CHF 120,000 (CDN $158,201.) in prize money AND the race will be broadcast to 184 million televisions worldwide. Time for our A game.

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