A milestone for any ski resort is opening day and today was Opening Day 2017 at Lake Louise. Our Net Monkeys will be sharing the lift with those keeners that can take off on a sunny Tuesday to go skiing. Temperatures continue to be chilly and there is some snow in the forecast…..and the Lake is open for business!

This past weekend, a few of us went up to Lake Louise to meet with the resort staff to discuss snowmaking and grooming. It also gave us an opportunity to deliver a couple dozen donuts to the tired but appreciative Net Monkeys.On our tour, we found this sitting alone in Parking Lot 4.

Prinoth’s Snowlicious

It may look like a snow groomer in Audi colors but it is much more than that. Google it and see what I mean.

We are providing regular weather and activity updates to the FIS Race Directors. They are looking forward to being back at Lake Louise – personally, I think they really want to come back to enjoy the barn party.

Speaking of FIS Race Directors – Hannes Trinkl, who will be with us on the mountain on Saturday, won the Downhill at Lake Louise in 1999 and came second in 2002. He definitely has his papers.

This weekend Levi, in the Lapland region of Finland, hosts World Cup Slaloms. The ladies race on Saturday and the men on Sunday.

Levi is pretty far north, in fact it is within the Arctic Circle. Besides a cheque and a bouquet of flowers, the winners receive a reindeer as a prize. The winners get to name their reindeer – and they are cared for on a local farm (no, not turned into reindeer burgers). I am pretty sure we can’t award a grizzly bear at Lake Louise but it would make for an interesting awards ceremony.

Got all your gear spread out on the floor? Me too. Time to move into the packing phase.

See ya soon,