Happy New Year

To all Sled Dogs and ski friends,

In 2018, we hope that you can share more time with family & friends, perhaps ski a bit more, maybe even get in a few powder days….and that you will be joining us in November in Lake Louise.

All the best for a great 2018.


Fred Bosinger 1937 – 2017

A celebration of Fred’s life will be held at the Mt Norquay Day Lodge in Banff on Monday, January 15th beginning at 4 pm with service to start at 5 pm.



Merry Christmas!

We know that this year’s World Cup ‘was a real drag’….

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Pffff…..it’s just a SuperG

From the outside looking in, a SuperG looks so much simpler than a Downhill.  Shorten the track, set the course, let the athletes inspect and then let ’em race.

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Did not see that one coming

Power failures are always one of those things where you go ‘O crap’. Yesterday, there were a lot of people who were whispering that.

After the initial shock (no pun intended), everyone involved immediately went into ‘solve mode’.

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