What’s in a name?

Ladies week is well known for having many folks with nicknames.

We have a Weather Frog, Duct Tape, XXL, a Rooster, Buzz, Big Mike, Goldie, Stoner, Jimmy Montanya, JF, Danny Mac, Idaho, Too Tall, The Colonel, a Rocket, Super Dave, Brew, Savy ….and a Hammer.

Have you met all of them? Have I missed any?



Great Friday Race

After 2 tough training runs, a bunch of snow and a lot of hard work – we had a great race on Friday.

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A big Sled Dog shout out

Please join me in giving Doug (Auto) Achtymichuk a big Sled Dog shout out as he is undergoing surgery today to repair a tibia plateau fracture that happened yesterday in Banff.

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Today is Race Day!!

Yesterday’s training run was successful AND on a much slicker track than the first training run. The sun came out and everyone was race ready. The track above Coaches Jump that was repaired ran very smoothly. As our Chief of Race, Jim Brewington, mentioned at last night’s team captains meeting – “The investment in the time to fix that section properly was well worth it.”

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