What a race day!

You couldn’t have picked a better day for a race. Sunny, blue sky, cold temps, hot crews, loud crowds and fast racers.

The entire field came through the finish and Ben Thomsen was top Canadian coming in 15th.  It was an awesome result for a Canadian team that has taken a few hits over the last couple of weeks. The day had no course holds, we never had to re-dye once and the slip crews kept the track in awesome shape.

As quickly as the race was over, the entire team switched into SuperG mode. No real time to celebrate an amazing day.  The SuperG course was set and safety systems adjusted, course length calculated and voila, we are ready for a 7:45 am jury inspection this morning (trust me that sounded much simpler than it really is).


Last night’s Bib Pick, the large crowd enjoyed an evening of the top athletes picking their bibs, the introduction of the Canadian Mens Team and meeting the DH podium winners while enjoying bevy’s and buffet from kitchens of the Chateau. Drew Bragg & Brian Stemmle did  great job of leading the event.

Speaking to one of the World Cup tour veterans, he said ‘this is the best bib pick event’, he added ‘look around you, this is great and we are inside where it is nice and warm’, apparently European bib picks typically take place outdoors….which can be fun too.

On today’s program, at 11:42 am, is Erik Guay’s Final Run.  A FIS tribute to retiring athletes is the opportunity to come down the course on their terms. We will all be cheering him as he makes his way down the track – very fitting for Erik, a former SuperG World Champion, to make his final run on our SuperG course.

The race starts at high noon – let’s make a great one.

We got this.












Riding for the brand….

Attention all Sled Dogs,

Tomorrow is race day. We are going to rock this place.

This year’s Descente jacket looks great. I love the Sled Dog logo on the arm.

Unless you are on the medical/patrol crew……and probably the dye crew, can I suggest you wear this year’s awesome jacket on race days.

Wear it with pride because you have earned it!




P.S. Take the tags off before you come to the hill….and put your name in your jacket.  : )


No training run today…

We didn’t get a training run in today. Snow, fog, flat light, snow, fog, flat light…it kept changing. Despite moving the decision to run back a couple of times – the training run was cancelled.

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Let’s get caught up..

We have now completed 2 most excellent training runs.

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Great training run today except…..

The Sled Dog Team rocked it today for Training Run #1.  The morning buff and shine programs went great and we were race ready in plenty of time for the 12:15 start.

Unfortunately, Manny Osborne-Paradis crashed in Fishnet and ended up with a tib-fib fracture and was long-lined off the course down to the Whisky Patrol. He went by ambulance to Banff where he was assessed.

Great job by our Medical/Patrol Team in responding to his crash. Crashes are a tough part of our sport.

We will toast Manny at tonight’s Volunteer Barn Party and wish both him and Broderick speedy recoveries.

Tonight – we party, tomorrow we have TR#2!


We got this!