Just to put yesterday’s delay in making our snow control decision in perspective.


…and one year ago (to the day):


I would say we are in far better shape this year and we have confidence we will get to a positive snow control this week.

Today, we rolled out our 2 Prinoth cats onto the course. Mike Stone & Goldie are back with us again and were busy pushing snow above Coaches Corner, down through Fallaway and into C Turn.  LLSR’s Saunders was busy pushing snow from Juniper Crosssing to DT Cutoff. It will give us a good sense of what additional snowmaking is required as well as allowing the Net Monkeys to start buckling in the A net lowlines.

Installing the perimeter fencing was the order of the day for several crews. Unfortunately, lack of snow depth necessitated the use of T steel to anchor the fencing. It required some heavy lifting and hiking through the trees. Well done!  We also wrapped up the warm up tent base and started laying out the tent frame.

On course safety tip o’ the day: This sign means STOP!  Winch cables can be very dangerous.


Speaking of stop signs……….if you are driving in Lake Louise, please ensure you come to a full and complete stop at ALL stop signs before proceeding. If not, might cost you a $380 fine. If you really need to meet an RCMP officer, be near the Finish Line on race days, we will have two RCMP members there in their red serge. They would be happy to be in a selfie with you.

Good to see the crews enjoying themselves on the mountain. Joel led his crew of angels up top.

Big game today with some of the crew showing their true colors today as the Riders beat Ottawa today. Rider Pride!

Darrell was cycling on the mountain most of the day checking on the progress of crews and job jar projects as well as seeing how the cats were doing. You might have found him regularly in a fog…..snowmaking fog:

Fog or not…..it was a good day.