After a warm rainy start to Thursday, we woke up to a crisp, clear-ish Friday morning. The forecast held, the previous day’s plans came together and lo and behold – we were ready for a training run…..from the top top start.

Athletes did their warm up runs from their curtain , then a full course inspection and finally after weeks & weeks of prep, at 12 noon on Friday, Nov 24th, we sent the POV racer out of the gate.  And following that, we had 6 forerunners and then with little fanfare (but with much relief), we sent 86 athletes out of the gate and after a smooth day – we 86 athletes go through the finish.

There is no quit in a Sled Dog. Our training run was also a great birthday present for Darrell, our Chief of Race.

This morning, the crews arrived for breakfast- tired but excited to be here for race day.


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