It was another beautiful day at Lake Louise today.
After our first breakfast together, we kicked off our morning update on the Kokanee Kabin deck. Everyone except Phil Wilson looked pretty serious during the update…..because Darrell had some ‘serious’ things to say.  ; )
The Lake Louise webcam did catch Bob Falls giving today’s safety briefing.
Tomorrow, we will get the entire gang to shuffle over a bit so that everyone is in the webcam shot.
If you are not here with us, we will try to give you a big wave around 8:50 am!
Instead of yoga as a warmup this morning, we had everyone ski pack the Gully. It really was a game changer as moving down the Gully is remarkably easy now.
If you are looking for where the daily photos are filed – here is the link to our Flickr site.
The sunny days lately are making everyone look ‘maaavelous’.
We kicked off the Willy bag filling program today. The filling gear went up after lunch in 3 milk crates…
When I went by they had filled 2 of the 155 bags.  By the end of the day, nearly 50 had been filled.
The slipskirt crew continues to be hot on the heels of the Net Monkeys…
…every net that gets ‘cookied in’ by the Monkeys sees Joan’s gang slipskirting shortly thereafter.
Following up the changes mentioned in yesterday’s blog update, Camp Canada is now being hosted in the Explorers Lounge at the Lake Louise Inn.
And in case, you cant find the drill trailer….
Tomorrow, Monday noon is when we make the next snow control decision.
Based on the efforts of the Lake Louise Ski Resort snowmaking crew,  our Net Monkeys, the on hill Sled Dogs and the weather forecast – we are optimistic about a favourable snow control decision.
We still have a ton of work to do but WE GOT THIS!
Another important item – the breakfast eggs rotation has started. Today was scrambled – tomorrow is EGGS BENNY!