After an overnight accumulation of snow that was just enough to get everyone on a shovel or a scoop or a rake or a quad or a cat or a snowblower or out slipping but when it was all said and done – it was a very well run training run.  Getting the first one under our belts bodes well for the rest of the week.

Today, it looks like the overcast weather of yesterday will be breaking up and we should be in for another smooth training run.

Thanks to all of you who supported the visit by the study groups from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. The medical study group and George, the BOCOG Alpine Manager departed Lake Louise early this morning.  To a person, the three study groups were most impressed with our organization and the capability, experience & enthusiasm of the Sled Dogs.  One of them took me aside and in broken English, tapped me on the chest and said ‘what I have learned from everyone here is that you all have heart’.  Great to know the Sled Dog spirit translates well.

Note: the forerunner who went down hard in Fallaway was discharged from the Foothills Hospital last evening – which is great news.  Kudos to those in the rescue chain that responded to her.