That switch from DH to SuperG is always a challenge but the crews did great. There is a need to be checked out of the LL Inn, sharing our breakfast space with the VIP set up, adjusting the safety, moving the start and having a brand new SG track crisscross the DH track.  But…we got this!

Before the POV racer and forerunners, we were treated to Erik Guay’s Final Run when he down skied the course. Wearing jeans and a Canadian Cowboy jacket, Erik was cheered on by every Sled Dog all the way down. He stopped to thank his Canadian coaches along the way and finished with a big wave of a Canadian flag in the finish corral to the cheers of an appreciative crowd.

Then we had a heck of a SuperG race. Under full sun, crews were kept busy maintaining gates and panels. Dustin Cook was top Canadian in 16th.

In conversation, with the TV guys, they said the DH was perfect…..and the SuperG looked even better.  For a made-for-TV event – that is great news.

Besides Erik’s final fun, Karl Ricker made his final walk up and down the course. The Legend is an integral part of the slipskirt crew and Sunday’s race may be his last time with us.  I say ‘may’ because I wouldn’t be surprised if Karl doesn’t get a tune-up in the offseason and was back in Lake Louise next November. So…hats off to Karl and a safe travel home…..and we will see you next year.

We have now transitioned into the Ladies Week. A few of crew have stayed on for this week but there is a whole new line of fresh ski legs that jumped in to get to work this morning. The flat light, warm temps and early morning grooming has softened up outside the line and while the course was set, the test pilot program was postponed.  The Ladies DH start on the Saddle breakover is receiving jugs and jugs and jugs and jugs of water to get it punched in.

We now have access to Cameron Way, so crews started installing B nets. Having a warm up space for the athletes really helps.

The FIS Crew is currently on route from the Calgary airport after the races in Killington. We are still on schedule for our first training run on Tuesday.





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