Awesome effort be EVERYONE working on Build Week. You have set the stage for the Mens Week crews joining us who will keep our momentum going.  There will be many familiar faces showing up this weekend (hugs all around).  If you meet a first timer – make them feel part of the Sled Dog family. If you are a first timer – let us know.

This morning’s first trip coming off TOW was quite an experience – it felt like I was skiing with a pillow case on my head. Visibility was almost zero. You know that feeling where you aren’t sure whether you are standing still or moving. It was a bit unnerving. When I got myself into a spot where I could better understand my surroundings, I was able to move on. Give it some thought if you find yourself in an uncomfortable spot on the mountain.  Just take a minute….and don’t travel alone unless necessary – look out for your crew mates.

As we open up more of the track for traffic from top to bottom – we will see more groom, less trackpack and the course will  get faster and… might be time to put that toque away and put on your helmet. Note – if you find yourself on new, fresh corduroy – avoid the urge to arc some turns. Stay on a flat ski. We are working towards our final prep and carved up corduroy isn’t cool.

Today, we have removed much of the snowmaking gear on the mountain (from Waterfall to Claire’s Corner) and the cats have been busy pushing snow out to the A nets so that the B net program can kick into high gear.  With the amount of B nets to be installed, Carol in the drill trailer (now the Logistics trailer) will be busy signing out drills and spare batteries – she also has Mint Patties.  Radios are now being signed out from the Communications trailer as we expand our radio network.

The last of the willy bags have been filled and deployed to staging areas along the course and the crews are continuing to install them behind the A nets. When I came down into the Timing Flats around noon, I found Joanski’s crew having lunch in the trees. They took a break from playing dodge ball with death cookies coming down Gunbarrel.  It was learning on understanding what activities are going on above (and below) you on the course.

We have focused much of the snowmaking horsepower on Easy Street as we take other systems offline. At last count, there were 16 guns running on Easy Street. At that rate, we will have the track buttoned up in no time.

We start to spin up our crew numbers this weekend.  Note to all of our Sled Dogs, you will need to attend the LLSR Environmental Briefing before you join your crew. It is an informative session on how we need to act while here at Lake Louise. It is relatively brief (~ 20 mins) and you can attend while enjoying your breakfast or with a coffee before the lifts load. Andy Wolff will get you to sign off on your attendance. Reminder that this Saturday – breakfast starts at 7:30 and lifts load at 8:30 so crews can get a head start on the public.

Speaking of the public,  when riding the chair with members of the public over the next two weeks – be ambassadors of our event – give them the chair lift ride 5 minute ‘Introduction to the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup’ – point out areas on the race track, describe the safety systems, who is participating, Canadians to watch out for and maybe even recruit them to volunteer next year.

I haven’t included any photos tonight – they are all in our Flikr folders for your enjoyment, downloading and sharing.

If you have any issues or concerns, make your crew chief or Volunteer Services reps aware of it – we want you to have fun, to get safely down off the mountain each day….and to safely get home from Camp Canada each night.