Power failures are always one of those things where you go ‘O crap’. Yesterday, there were a lot of people who were whispering that.

After the initial shock (no pun intended), everyone involved immediately went into ‘solve mode’.It was truly amazing to see the jury and several ROC chiefs combined with reps from our event partners – LLSR, Swiss Timing and Infront discuss options to still be able to race. The conversation was to the point – what were our electrical generator requirements (and where), what are our options for athlete (and everyone else’s) transport to the start. How do we cycle slippers, how do we communicate, that despite a lack of power – we were still racing.

The leadership shown by those who stepped up on such a crazy day was impressive……and I even think I saw a few smiles on racers’ faces as they left the base being pulled by the cat.

As we approached the race start time, fans were streaming out of the base to walk up to the finish line….where the cheering began.

We don’t plan to have a repeat of Saturday’s race experience but in this age of social media, the story of everyone’s efforts was flashed around the world in mere moments. At the team captains meeting, tremendous compliments were directed towards all of those involved. Well deserved compliments.

I received the following texts from the Dave Pym, Managing Director of the CSA – while the race was underway:

“Looks great on TV. Well done. New Sled Dog Legend”   Jim and your Chiefs plus all the Sled Dogs need to take a big bow. I am getting texts and emails world wide on “how the hell was this pulled off?”

 It continued on with:

What can we say. It’s almost beyond belief that an LOC can pull off a WC Alpine event with no power, and no lifts operating. What a credit to Jim, his crew on the hill and your leadership behind the scenes. Sled Dogs are clearly Alpha Dogs. The legend grows. One more to go!

There was a full moon in a clear starry sky this morning as crews turn their attention to SuperG.

I think the sunrise today is going to be awesome…..as has been the efforts of everyone this week.