That was a ‘pleasant’ surprise brushing 15 cee-ems off your car this morning, wasn’t it?  It was a good start to our day.  I was pretty convinced that during breakfast that many of the team had one eye on the Environmental Orientation and had one eye on first tracks. It’s ok, if you missed some of the Orientation, it will be repeated tomorrow. It was probably the first time this year anyone had snow come up on their shins on the course while arcing a few turns and it was also the first time that Super Dave got to test out his Ambiance Tent Squeegee – SnowWhacker. It passed with flying colors.

As crews got onto the mountain, the snow stopped and the sun came out for a couple of hours. The A nets are systematically getting buckled in by the Monkeys and Joanski’s crew wasn’t far behind with their slipskirt installation Cats and snowmaking continue to shape our landscape….

but today was the B-ginning of the installation of our kilometers of B nets.

During that installation, I captured a touching moment where Jim recommitted himself to Marina.

Today, Global TV from Calgary came out to do a piece on the preparation event. I hope I did you all proud. Here is the link:

Men’s races green-lit at Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup after 2016 cancellation