These are our most frequently asked questions. If we haven’t answers yours please contact us:

If you are part of the Course Crew, YES! Course work is done on two skis and without poles (unless you are part of the slip crew). Snowboards are not permitted inside the fences. If your position is not on-hill then, NO.
Volunteers commit to an entire block, typically 5-8 days. Sometimes to even more than one block. A minimum of five consecutive days is required to qualify for volunteer gifting.
If you volunteer five consecutive days or more, or seven overall days from the first day of Build Week to the last day of Teardown, you are entitled to a volunteer gift provided by Winterstart Events Ltd. It could be a jacket, mid-layer or ski pant. It could also be a piece of luggage or something else useful and valuable. If you commit to 10 days or more from the first day of Build Week to the last day of Teardown you also receive one gift card toward the purchase of official event merchandise. Gifts vary from year to year and sizing may be a requirement. This is just general information that will help us plan accordingly. If you are a contractor you do not qualify for volunteer gifting.
Camp Canada is our gathering place each day after work. We share a beverage and swap stories. For each the men’s and women’s events the Race Organizing Committee throws a Volunteer Party at Brewster Barn and hosts Spolumbo’s Night at the Gazebo at Lake Louise Inn. We work hard and play hard.
Plan on your day being physically challenging, so please be sure you feel strong and fit enough to handle the tasks at hand. Depending on your position you may not be on-hill where you won’t be as physically challenged, but be prepared for long days using your expertise and multi-tasking regardless.
Becoming a Sled Dog is a special commitment and you have to be accepted for the position you register for by a crew chief. You’ll start a personal PROFILE with us first. Then you can register for the event by selecting a block and a position and then a secondary position in case your first choice is not available. You can register for more than one block.
We’ll feed you! If you are staying at the Lake Louise Inn, based on your position, a buffet breakfast is served daily at the Lake Louise Ski Resort. Box lunches are also available for pick up. If you are staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, based on your position, you will receive a per diem. A couple of dinners will be provided during each the men’s and women’s events, including our infamous Volunteer Party at the Brewster Barn and Spolumbo’s Night at the Lake Louise Inn. Volunteers will be responsible for their own snacks and dinner arrangements on other nights.
Once you register it will be submitted to the crew chiefs to either confirm your preferred position or refer you to the crew chief for your secondary position. In the meantime, save the dates for which you have registered. We will be in touch before the end of September to confirm your participation.

We’ll put you up! Based on your position you will either stay at the Lake Louise Inn or Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in shared rooms. Every effort will be made to fulfill requests for room-mates and accommodation preferences, however, due to availability, arrival and departure logistics, there is no guarantee.Unless you are travelling from 300 km or more to Lake Louise, AB, accommodation for the night prior to the start of your work commitment or night after your last working day is not included with your participation unless approved in advance. If you choose to arrive the night prior or stay over after your last working day accommodation can be made available at your own expense. Any damages, deep-cleaning due smoking or other, pet fees or certain special requests will be at your own expense.

Volunteers outside the fences and not on skis will need to connect with their crew chief for their position to get
the right gear list. If you are on-hill please be prepared:
    • Layers – bring lots as we have weather, weather and weather
    • Skis – straighter is better and longer for slipping
    • Tuning Kit – with a file and stone, sharp edges are your friend
    • Poles – if you are slipping the track you may use them
    • Helmet – highly recommended but mandatory for slipping
    • Work Gloves – you don’t want to trash your new $$$ ones
    • More Gloves – they get wet throughout the day, warm hands are happy hands
    • Pocket Knife – make sure it’s not in your carry-on if you are flying
    • Water Bottle – it may be winter but you still need to hydrate
    • Plastic Lunch Box – your lunch will be provided in a bag or box and once you jam it in your backpack it will get squished, bring a re-usable container
    • Headlamp – nice to have once the sun sets behind Victoria Glacier
    • Travel Mug – save a tree and re-use when you need a java!
    • Swimsuit – there is a pool and hot tub at the hotel
    • Duct Tape – no person should leave home without it
    • Sunscreen & Lipbalm – for the glare or the wind
  • Notepad, Pencil & Sharpie