This past weekend the North American International Ski Federation Technical Delegate Working Group (or the NAFISTDWG for short) got together for one of two annual updates this month.

One was here in the west this past weekend in Portland, Oregon and one will be held in Orford, Quebec next weekend.

It was great to reconnect with fellow TD’s and race organizers as everyone prepares for the new season. There were a number of case studies presented from challenging races held last season. We learned about some FIS rule changes for this year.  We pulled out our calculators and worked some timing and race point calculations. We also had a few laughs and we may have sampled the Oregon craft beer scene….and learned that the pronunciation of ‘Willamette’ rhymes with ‘dammit’ and the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is quite good.

It was great to see such a large number of participants (TDs and others) who have developed some of their skills with us at Lake Louise and who share it across the country at other event opportunities as well as into the US and beyond.

Sharp looking…and talented crew!