This year’s Build Week went great.  We had cold temperatures, hot crews, fast cats and we had some fun too.

You can see a dramatic change in the course from the beginning of last week to now.  We now shift into a higher gear as more Sled Dogs join in with Men’s Week kicking off.

After weeks of snowmaking, we are taking several water systems offline and are starting to push and trackpack and groom out more and more of the course. We are still making snow in the alpine and near the finish. Everything in between is now getting some final touches.

We are adding water where the snow is too dry.  Watering the course is very labour intensive. Slinging 800 feet of FULL snowmaking hose on a steep pitch does take many hands.  The crews are staying relatively dry too!

With the A nets and most of the slipskirts installed, the new crews are knocking in B systems left and right.  The 150 Willy bags that were all filled and now you wouldn’t know where they are now.  That’s because most of them were stealthily installed behind our A Nets over the last few days. A great effort.

Now that our stock of air fence caps has been replenished, the air fences are being positioned along the course.

While there is always a high sense of urgency these days, patience is appreciated as crews have to work around winch cats & watering programs.

Its appreciated when crews offer to move skis and gear down for another crew when cycling through.

For all photos, check out our Flickr site. The link is adjacent to this article.

Kudos to all.