After 2 tough training runs, a bunch of snow and a lot of hard work – we had a great race on Friday.

The snow did start sooner than expected but it was more or less consistent for all athletes. The slip crew stayed busy keeping the track buffed all race long. The shortened interval does make for less TV advertising time but in order to protect the race, it is one of the options we have.

Alberta Alpine had a large group of young girl racers watching the race. The Speed Sisters program had kids from all over the province here. I asked a few of them who they were cheering for and many said, Lindsey Vonn – so it was unfortunate that she crashed at Claire’s Corner. Fortunately, she was not injured and is on today’s start list. The B nets in that section have been tested a couple of times and they have worked great. Nice work all.

I can imagine that Lindsey will be charging even harder today.

Everyone at Spolumbo’s night looked like they were having fun. The fire was roaring and the deck heaters were all aglow. If you walked around the gazebo, you would go from cold spots to very warm spots… matched the cold beer and the hot Spolumbo’s. All part of the Sled Dog experience.

Today will be a very long day – lots of snow on the track, a late start time for the race and then we have to switch to SuperG. I have no doubt we will get it all done.

Put on a great show for the world and cheer loud for our Canadians today.