This past week, Don Bell & Ken Read and our friends at Alberta Alpine hosted the 2018 Highest Peak Gala for the Canadian Rockies Ski Racing Hall of Fame. It was an opportunity to honor several longstanding contributors to alpine ski racing.

This year’s honorees included:

Alberta Alpine Team alumnus, Louise Knight from Jasper…

Timing all star Mark Bowman

Our own Winterstart Managing Director, Rob Imbrogno

In his video, Robbie demonstrated his tuck in what was left of the early October snow in his backyard….not bad for a non skier!

Also honored was our very familiar World Cup stalwart, Doug Savage

In the crowd, were a number of Sled Dogs….as well as a few Net Monkeys who ventured into the big city from Lake Louise to cheer on Rob & Doug and the other inductees….

The evening is always an opportunity to reconnect with ski friends and raise funds for the Alberta Ski team. It was a success!