After 3 most excellent training runs – we are soooo ready to race.

I mentioned yesterday that there were a couple of water/snow repair spots that needed to be worked on – well that was more like a plethora of spots.  True to the task, a large crew worked their way down the course, mixing water and snow, ski stepping and buttering each spot that needed attention.  This morning you cant even tell the spots were repaired.  Nice work!

It is a frosty -17 this morning and there was another beautiful sunrise for those on the mountain.  It is always awesome to see coaches and athletes (even on race day) stop to take pictures across the valley towards the Chateau and the lake.   The crews have been up on the mountain since 7 am and those cycling down do look a bit chilly but after a quick hot chocolate, they head right back up.

The track is super slick and Super Dave has set up shop in the Kokanee Kabin and is busy putting an edge on several pairs of skis (including mine).

The Jury just went up for the final inspection prior to confirming today’s race program. By all accounts, we are race ready and Bib 1 will be sent out of the start at 12:30 pm.

Good luck to all crews and all racers.

We got this!