It pretty much snowed the entire day today.  : )

To start the day, we enjoyed another breakfast of Eggs Benedict and went through LLSR’s Environmental & OHS Orientation….

We needed a good day of snow.  After days of sunshine, it helped cover some of those rocks that hurt my skis.  Although, there was one hidden rock that did result in Johnny ‘Van Gogh’ Ford taking a few stitches in the ear.

John’s sense of humor is epic.

We finally took the guns offline in Fallaway and C Turn and started to push the snow.  After days of building whales, we set to work with a couple of winch cats.  As a reminder – Stop means STOP when approaching a winch cat.

The snow should also help the spec fence crew not have to use so much T steel….

The air fence program kicked off today….and if it weren’t for 20 missing caps, they would have been finished.  It was a ‘my kingdom for a horse’ kind of thing.  Actually, we are good. The crew has lots of work to do but having the caps would have made things a bit easier.

The caps are on their way in from Calgary tomorrow.

The Net Monkeys & the slipskirt crew jumped in together on Fishnet and had it cookied, tensioned & slipskirted in no time.


Tomorrow we will be sharing the upper mountain as LLSR is opening Top of the World to the public. It is great for the resort as they have been awesome about providing 100% of their snowmaking water to ensure we could build our race track.

The Saddle Club is almost ready to go except for the ‘Club’ part….

Give it a couple of days and the Saddle Club is gonna be palatial.

Mike Kirker finally got to put on his biker helmet and take one of quads out for a rip.  The new plastic blades work great on a hard surface. They will be perfect for blading snow off the race line if we get any accumulation on training or race days….

Mike tested it along the net line and we’re golden….

Ok, which Power Ranger does he remind you of?

Things aren’t just busy inside the fences. Cheryl’s Volunteer Services Team is here to ensure you are all checked in, accredited, fed, happy & have fun (actually the fun part that falls on all of us) and get a Parks Canada parking pass if necessary.

You will find them smiling at breakfast check in, in the Kokanee Kabin and back at the Inn….every day. For those of you who have your plans change in joining us, please let us know.  Let Volunteer Services or your crew chief know – while we would rather have you helping out up here, it is important to know if you cant make it so we can make the necessary arrangements on and off the hill.

Occasionally, we get a snow gun that gets pointed in the wrong direction or the wind changes direction on us and we get an accumulation of snow (or ice) on our nets/slipskirt.

This can add a tremendous amount of weight on the net. If you notice it, take a minute to knock it off the nets as you go by.