Things are really coming together….

We pretty much have a continuous track from the top of Tickety to the Finish. There is a bit of track pack in there but once it is tilled out, it is going to be great.

Now we work to connect the dots and push up towards the Saddle. While winch cats were busy above Coaches Corner….


and in C Turn, crews were installing Willy bags and pads on trees and cables and towers….

The happy snowfarming crew brought snow down into the High Mens DH start above the Saddle. Chutes, shovels and song.

As Don Boyce pointed out – ‘That was probably the most efficient snow farming project I have ever been on.”

With snow pushed into the nets, crews were busy installing cookies in Gunbarrel and the Monkeys (and Carl) were busy unrolling, stitching and hanging the last of our A nets…

Chuck & Super Dave were busy testing all of our radio channels from the start to the finish….

We will all be ‘5 by 5’ on race days.

The finish area is starting to take shape. The broadcast booths are up….

and the scaffolding for the video wall is done.  The Finish Crew were arranging the pads for the finish corral….

The VIP tent will not be set up this year as that spot is much too soft.  We will be hosting our VIPs in the Whiskey Jack Lodge.

Representatives from Parks Canada came down the course on a tour.

They were pleased with how the work at Claire’s Corner turned out and were interested in our animal crossings. They appreciate everyone’s commitment to our ‘spot in the park’.

The first of our 2022 Beijing Olympic study groups have been busy observing & learning the ‘Sled Dog Way’.  Even being just 3 months back from hip replacement surgery, Bob Falls has been a great liaison for us/them.

Our crews have been great about sharing what they know with our visitors.