Construction season is a very short one at the Lake Louise Ski Resort….

Ski season covers November to April and the grizzly bears pretty much get the run of the place all summer.

As fall approaches, equipment is allowed on the mountain to complete projects that have been planned by the resort and approved through Parks Canada.

This year’s projects included work up on the Sunset Terrace to allow improved movement by cats and skiers. There were a number of snowmaking system improvements (currently) underway. Crews are busy in this tight window before the season starts.

While most of the improvements to their system wont be visible (the new pipes are buried), a small part of the work includes new tower guns installed down Easy Street adjacent to our race track.

We completed a project of own with the widening of the run at Claire’s Corner on skier’s left. It may not look like much but it will allow us to improve the safety system installation coming out of Claire’s so the athletes can set up for the final jump.

Here is a view looking uphill from Claire’s towards DT Cutoff…