We have now completed 2 most excellent training runs.

Some spots on the track have taken a bit of a pounding but the Sled Dogs were up to the task.  After Thursday’s training run – one crew tracked packed Sunset Flats, pulled out the hoses, watered in and groomed out a good section.  Another large crew drilled up (and drilled up), watered in, snow chuted, ski packed and smoothed out a large section of the Fishnet left footer.  In those spots – it’s a gonna be slick today.

Erik Guay was conspicuous by his DNS in yesterday’s training run but it all made sense when at his 2:30 press conference, he announced his retirement from World Cup skiing. I arrived just after the press conference started and announced my entrance by bouncing my sunglasses case across the floor in front of everyone. Classy.

On behalf of all Sled Dogs, we wish Erik and his family all the very best on their next adventure.  Erik will be missed.

We were fortunate to have Erik and the rest of the Canadian Men’s Speed Team join us at the Volunteers’ Barn Party.  He stayed for most of the evening – chatting, signing autographs and posing for a ton of pictures. It was a treat for everyone.

Speaking of pictures – the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) study groups continue to learn from all of you and if you don’t appear in at least 5 of their pictures that they take back to China, you must be part of the Timing Crew Ninjas – who work really hard but are rarely seen.

The Chinese are working hard to learn every element of being a Sled Dog including how we enjoy a barn party…and line dancing! They did take the Sled Dog Oath and are now part of the crew.

Thanks to Bob Falls and all of you Sled Dogs for being such great hosts to our new friends from BOCOG. You guys rock.

I do need to get caught up on uploading recent pics – since we have gotten into race mode, things have spun up.

Have a great Training Run #3 and then lets get ready for race day on Saturday!





Note: Manny underwent surgery yesterday in Calgary to repair his tib/fib fracture and from the picture I saw of him in his hospital bed – you could see his thumb was raised a bit. A good sign.

We wish him well on his recovery.