I know all of you are very interested in how today’s snow decision went….

With FIS Race Director Hannes Trinkl on the mountain to see progress firsthand, we did a tour from top to bottom – on skis, no walking…..and no  crashes.  Apparently, the betting pool had me at 3 to 1 odds that I would wreck in Sunset Gully on the way down but it was in surprisingly good shape and I made it down no problem. Snow depths were probed along the way, gun placements and snow production was assessed.

Following a review of the weather forecast, and consultation with the LLSR team and with Chief Race Director Markus Waldner on the line in Levi, Finland, we agreed to postpone the snow control decision for 48 hours. We are encouraged by what is in place but we are going to take the next 2 days to see what progress we make.

Build Week crew started to arrive today and after everyone had our ‘hey, great to see ya back’ hugs – the crews got to work.

This morning the Kokanee Kabin was converted into our Sled Dog Base Camp with quite a bit of furniture being moved around. Darrell was working with a crew working on finishing the base for the athletes warmup tent aka the Ambiance Tent and Joan Maguire’s crew kicked off the installation of the spec fencing to start buttoning up the course. The communications trailer got set up and our radios were all set up on their chargers. The drill trailer is also now good to go with drills, bits and batteries all set up….and there a big jar of Peppermint Patties.

Breakfasts start tomorrow and 8 am and I know tomorrow the Job Jar Board is going to get a whole lot fuller!

Bring it on – we can handle it.