Let it snow, let it snow. While you may think it helps our race course, unfortunately when it snows it is usually too warm to make good race snow….and then there is the humidity thing. I could go on but I think everyone had a good day today.

Ok, I wont keep you in suspense unlike Andy………who was suspended off the Glacier chair from his Belt of Goodies as he tried to get off the chair. Apparently, no one would help get him down, as they were too busy taking pictures of him. I think I know what the Safety Briefing topic o’ the day will be in the morning.

There were a couple of injuries today – besides Andy’s pride. One involved Super Dave – apparently, his new belt buckle put him off balance and he went down and tweaked his knee. After a session with an ice pack, he was back on the mountain. Super….Dave.

After a snowfall like last night, there is always the fun program called Stepping out the B’s. It is a lovely early season quad-toning program of stomping out the snow between the nets. That is, if you aren’t re-positioning those same B nets over and over again. I did check on that crew later in the day and they were still in good spirits on the fifth reset. I am not sure what good spirits they were into but they did a very good job.

The Vexar crew has paired up with the Net Monkeys – an awesome symbiotic relationship. While the Monkeys are tensioning the low-line, Joanski’s crew crew is right there hanging the Vexar. Carl insisted I take descriptive photos of the Dingle Ball Management Program. I love to see Carl here at Lake Louise. He schooled me on all of the varieties of Larch trees……in latin. Note: you will see those photos on the website – happy to share them for those who aspire to be on the Vexar crew. I hear Joanski is taking names.

You will have noticed camera towers/scaffolding popping up along the course. Good to have DX3 setting their gear up. Check out the boom camera at Fallaway – it’s going to provide a great shot. We also had a crew building plastic frames and staging them along the course. Those frames will hold the advertising banners – that pay our bills! They are part of the Infront team – that will broadcast our event to ~ 180 million televisions around the world.

The Finish area crew, after days of re-designing our finish area, are starting to lay out the fencing and safety pads needed. On each ski by, you will see that area grow.

Last night, the volunteers starting receiving their gift/thank/event momento – there were a few on the mountain today. They look great! Just a reminder…….write your name somewhere on yours because they kinda look similar. You guys are all doing a great job – we hope you like the coat.