Ok, it can stop snowing, get cold and let that sun shine….except for a couple of guns along Easy Street the race course will be a much quieter place in the morning. After building the biggest whale of snow at the top of Fallaway that I have seen in many years, we started to push it. Goldie spent the entire day smearing that whale all across C Turn. It is very wet snow so when the temps drop, it is going to set up perfectly. Stoner groomed out the line from above Net 1 all the way up to the base of the Gully and Saunders pushed the line over Claire’s Corner down towards the Finish. Folks – we have ourselves a race course. It is just going to need a few more B Nets, some Vexar and a Finish Line!

A number of crews banded together this morning and did a great snow farming project. It resulted in yet, one more Start bench being built….we now have great flexibility in the event of poor weather on training & race days. It was impressive to come by and see that many Sled Dogs working together in one spot.

B Nets continue to go up in areas now accessible after snowmaking is completed – Timing Flats and at Claire’s Corner today. DX3 installed a camera on our SuperG start bench and another boom cam at Claire’s Corner. The Air Fence Crew followed right behind ensuring they were protected. The new blowers are pretty handy little units. Our new air fences – not so much. We will find a solution. That is what Sled Dogs do.

The video wall went up today. A set of black oversized Lego bricks. It will be pretty impressive when we light it up next week.

Please join us welcoming a daughter to Manny!! Sloane Grace Osborne-Paradis skied into the world at 9:14 pm last night. At 8 lbs 1 oz, Sloane is healthy and the rest of the family is happy….and exhausted.  Congratulations to all.

Today would have been our Men’s Downhill but as we all know it wasn’t possible. This certainly has been the longest Build Week we have ever had. We would like to thank all of the Men’s Week volunteers who are leaving us this weekend. Everyone, no matter what your role was supposed to be jumped in as a course worker. You all have been awesome – staying the course to ensure that Ladies Week will be a great week of racing. The track & safety systems look great. Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.