Not bad –two weeks of activity and only this morning we had our first real ‘clash’ of operational programs as we were attempting to button up our ‘side’ of Easy Street while the resort was still grooming their ‘side’ of Easy Street. It made for a lumpy bit until it was sorted out. Thanks you for your patience – that was a lot of cats working on Easy Street this am….and a few public and a lot of B Nets being installed.

Our second ‘clash’ occurred with the tour of our event sponsors (Audi) that came down Upper Wiwaxy under the ‘careful’ eye of Darrell and myself. There was a clearly a ‘lost in translation’ moment as this group of 30 Swedes got away from us and skied right past their Oly Crossing exit. Thanks to the crew who flagged them down safely. Our bad.

The Job Jar filleth up today and was empty-eth….and then it filleth up again for a busy day tomorrow.  Hillco made a number of pre-dawn deliveries onto the mountain. The Bullets kept crews supplied and the Stewards kept everyone out of unsafe areas. B Nets were installed on Upper Wiwaxy and layer upon layer of B’s were installed from Claire’s to the Finish (remember Premium B on race side, Economy B on the outside). Air fences and Willy Bags continued to be installed – are we out of Willy bags yet? A Nets were cookie’d and tensioned in Fallaway/C Turn and Team Vexar were right there close behind. We got the final till on Sunset Gully to Triple Larch Notch (that interesting narrowing of the course at Triple Larch). There was winching of the final groom on Tickety Chutes and grooming from Coaches to Summit Platter base. Goldie got back out onto Fallaway and laid down a great groom all the way through C Turn and then jumped up and winched Coaches to Waterfall….that doesn’t include the cat work on Easy Street – on both sides of the fence. That is a lot of corduroy…………but yes, thou shalt not make any turns on the corduroy.

I must commend everyone on their radio protocol these past two weeks. Commands have been clear, concise, occasionally humorous but always respectful – and ‘polite’ wouldn’t be too strong a word to use either. Keep it up.

You may have noticed light towers and gensets along the course. There may be some early morning or late evening programs in our future.

We say goodbye and thank you to the Men’s volunteers. Great job everyone – at end of day today things looked amazing. Tomorrow, we switch our lift accreditation cards from green to blue (yes, blue) for Ladies Week…..and we welcome the fresh, full of energy Ladies Week volunteers. It is great to have you here.

Our Race Office is now open for business, coaches have started to arrive, Infront advertising banners are being assembled and I even saw a flicker of color on the Video Wall. Tomorrow, the rest of the White Circus arrives and things will continue to spin up. Staying on schedule means we can expect a full courseset in the am by Pilou and Test Pilots will run the track in the afternoon, so stay ocused on emptying the job jar and we will have a great, safe week of racing.

The going rate to get your lost cell back here at Lake Louise is…….a Nanaimo Bar. A ski resort is a tough place to lose a white cell phone but good things do happen here at LL and that white cell phone was found on the mountain. Super….Dave.