The snow stopped, the clouds parted, the sun came out……and a beautiful race track appeared.

Pretty amazing to see the fruits of so much labour these past weeks under a sunny day.

Today, I saw lots of new faces and lots of (old) familiar faces here for Ladies Week. Welcome (back). I hope those Men’s Week volunteers that left on the weekend got home safely.

The Job Jar pretty much got cleaned out this morning for the Test Pilots to take a crack at the course. A couple of gate tweaks by Pilou while the Test Pilots were running but we are good to go for tomorrow’s DH Training Run 1. Tonight, we welcome the teams back to Lake Louise at the first Team Captains meeting.

A heads up for all of you during the athlete’s free ski/warm up on the course tomorrow which is scheduled for 9:30 to 10 am. In the past, we have had Cameron’s Way available for warm up and training all day. This year because of lack of snow, the athletes will warm up on the race track itself.  Unless you have to be on the course – don’t be. They will be coming in at Curtain Net and they basically will have free run of the hill in that time window.

Reminder to our old Sled Dogs – look out for the new Sled Dogs. A downhill is a fast event. A World Cup downhill is the fastest event. Please listen to the radios around you……and do more listening than talking. Ok, those are my only requests for tomorrow.

Sorry that its a short update today as I needed to return to Calgary last evening to bring the FIS Chief Race Director Atle Skaardal to Lake Louise this morning. This past weekend he was in Killington where they held very successful GS and Slalom races.

Stay safe tomorrow – because we is racing!’