Wow………they don’t get much better than that! What an excellent training run. All 66 athletes that started got safely to the bottom…and so did the 150 volunteers that were up there to make sure they did.

Tonight’s Team Captains Meeting only lasted 15 minutes with NO comments from the Coaches. That means ‘today was a very good day all around’.

Today’s warm up/free ski on the course from Curtain Net to the Finish went very smoothly. The same program will happen tomorrow but we are opening it up a bit longer to 40 minutes (9:30 – 10:10). Good time for a coffee break for those that don’t need to be on the hill in that window.

Always cool to see the Medical Team practicing a high-line rescue as they did today in the base area. I was in the Glacier Chair lift line at the time and had to assure a number of folks that were ‘just practicing’. It is impressive when that helicopter fires up.

The Dye Crew did an awesome job. That first pass of blue dye on a sunny day is the ‘ribbon and bow’ on a Christmas present. The course looked great from every vantage point.

The Finish/Festival Area is coming together. Those nice new engineered towers that are holding up the Audi banner are looking pretty spiffy. You may not have noticed that the entire back end of the Finish Corral is a new air fence system. It has allowed us to shorten the Finish Corral by some 20 metres. I think for next year, we will be investing in some new air fence modules for up on the course. Kudos to the Air Fence crew for working so hard with what we have.

The Training Run went very well. As Jim says, the first training run is as much a training run for the athletes as it is for all of us. A few tweaks to make for tomorrow’s training run as the athletes will get a bit more familiar with the course and get a bit faster.

Stay safe & warm tomorrow.