The fog came and the fog came out….but even with a few delays, we got all the athletes got down the mountain ‘under their own power’ including one athlete who made sudden contact with the Tickety Net.

The morning started with a highline project involving Andi Kroener, one of our FIS Pros here this week. If you see him, ask him to show you his bandaid. Andi was a great sport to be the ‘injured athlete’ in the project. He even endured having an IV put in. Now the FIS Pros have firsthand knowledge of the professionalism of our Medical Team. They now have a better understand why the timeline to safely evacuate an athlete is what it is. Pilou’s words not mine. Great job.

Today’s training run was plagued (only) by a nuisance fog bank that drifted in and out of the upper mountain. Everyone was great in ensuring we didn’t put a racer on course in unsafe conditions. The track is in outstanding shape and very little hand work with shovels was required to get it ready for tomorrow’s training run.

As we move towards Race Days, there are so many more volunteers helping with this effort that don’t make it inside the fences. That doesn’t diminish their contribution. They/you are all important – you include the voices of Base Ops, who ensure that all channels know what they need to know when they need to know it. The Volunteer Services Team that do a great job of ensuring that everyone has (amongst other things) a pillow, Eggs Benny for breakfast, hot coffee, a variety of lunches, Camp Canada and when a problem arises – they fix it. Drill Trailer has a lot of comings and goings – keeping tracking of drills and batteries is like herding cats – for some (very good) reason the gear all comes in at night and is ready to go first thing in the (early) morning. We have a lovely group of volunteers who ensure that the Athletes Lounge is a comfortable spot for the athletes to prepare before they head up on the mountain. This same group also is the Security Detail for the athlete’s skis. I must say, I have never met such wonderful security guards. Swing by – they give the best hugs.

It is important that the news of our event reaches the world. Our Media Team ensures that the members of the media here to cover the event are not distracted. They have a great spot in the lodge and wobble-free internet. Nicely done.

The adventure of ensuring that the finances of keeping the teams clear on their expenses, on what costs we cover and paying out prize money is held in the hands of a….spreadsheet. Just kidding, that spreadsheet, developed over many years, is maintained by a small team that ensures that when the teams leave on Sunday, that there is a zero balance on everyone’s account. Frankly, the teams respect our method of handling finances and it has been replicated at other venues.

Have you got a start list and the day’s program? If so, thank the ladies in the Race Office. They coordinate the Team Captains Meeting and the bib pick/draw and make sure that everything about our event is documented for the FIS. They also ensure that results are out as soon as possible.

What can I say about Hillco? Once you get past the accents, you know that what you need will be where need it, when you need it. Another group, that has been busy planning for months, is our Sponsorship/Marketing Team that will go ‘hot’ on Race Days when we have sponsors, VIPs, special guests and just plain World Cup ski fans descend upon the resort to experience what you have built over these past weeks. Our Ceremonies and the Public Bib Pick on Saturday Night are not to be missed.

What I am saying is that our Executive Committee – Darrell, Jim, Rob, Kelly, Julie and myself are very proud of all of you.

If I have missed a crew, please ensure you let me know. One thing about the Lake Louise Alpine Ski Cup is that we are an inclusive, proud group of Sled Dogs – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

O ya, tonight is the Barn Party – and what happens at the Barn Party, _________________________.

Lets get ‘em all down safe again tomorrow.