After a flurry of activity to prepare for Sunday’s SuperG, the Chateau Lake Louise hosted the public bib draw/bib pick.

The podium winners from Saturday’s race were feted and then the top 10 SuperG racers chose their bibs for Sunday’s race.   Brian Stemmle and Drew Bragg were great at keeping the evening moving along. They chatted with each athlete and local young racers assisted the SuperG athletes with their bib number selection. The athletes were great about signing autographs – signing everything from posters to helmets to jackets to bibs to postcards.  Those seeking autographs were already lined up 40 minutes before the athletes arrived.  Great to see so many excited fans.

One fun part of the evening was the Skype call with Lindsey Vonn who is recovering from an injury and was not able to race here this week.  The technology allowed for a very clear conversation with Lindsey while she is in Colorado.   In the conversation, Charlie & Louise Locke announced that they are changing the name of the run known as Ladies Downhill to Lake Lindsey Way. Pretty cool.

Lindsey also announced that she plans to race in Lake Louise one more time. We look forward to her return next season.

We did save the best for last – we announced the winner of the 2018 Winterstart Award.  Athlete, broadcaster, Chicopee Ski Club alumni, photographer, alpine skiing advocate – Kelly VanderBeek.

Kelly is a very worthy recipient – congratulations!

It was great to see so many tired Sled Dogs stay for the announcement.  I know they had a very early morning ahead of them for SuperG Sunday.