On the schedule, today is referred to as Snow Control Day.  As World Cup race organizers, we have to commit to the FIS and the teams that we will be race ready by the time they arrive. Today’s assessment included an inspection of the existing course snow conditions top to bottom,  our progress on safety system installations, the weather forecast as it relates to the ability to make sufficient snow for the Mens event, the Ladies event and to ensure a successful Noram race series that follows.

Given the time of year, we were making ‘first’ tracks in the alpine…

Hannes Trinkl, FIS Race Director is here to assess the conditions with us. This is Hannes’ 4th year coming to Lake Louise as a Race Director so he has seen the range of our early season conditions.  We figure this year’s conditions land ‘in the middle’.

After today’s inspection, collectively we agreed to postpone the snow control decision for 48 hours. We have done this in the past.  The weather forecast looks good, snowmaking activity is going well and the teams want to be here.  We got this.

Stay tuned for Monday’s update.