We had another good day working on the course. Wednesday was declared ‘Hug a Net Monkey’ Day. Now I realize why they jumped on the lift so early this morning.

After a hearty breakfast, Brooks led the first ‘Yoga on the Kokanee Deck’ session of the year.  Just as the sun was rising, he led the entire Build Week crew – chiefs and all in a great stretch before jumping on the lifts.  Hannes even jumped into the session.

Andy Wolff has returned to among other things lead our morning safety/environmental briefings…

Bob Falls’ crew continued to fill willy bags at Control. The Bullets combined as a team and finished off the spec fence install on Sunset Gully. Using a T-steel pounder on the steeps is quite a challenge – especially when the first tap hits solid rock.  We are now buttoned up on the top of the course. Well done guys.

For much of the day, the course was closed to crew traffic below Fishnet so the winch cat could do some heavy lifting. Snow guns were kept working along the course adding needed snow. The temps look to stay cool with some natural snow in the forecast.

In the afternoon, I was witness to a true confluence of effort by a number of crews. As Randy and the Net Monkeys were buckling in Fishnet, Joanski’s crew began installing the slipskirt. They were then joined by Hillco’s sleds delivering willy bags from Control that were then installed by Bob’s angels…..who used to be Joel’s angels.

The Build Week team may not be big but they are delivering.  It was an impressive sight to see most of the team working together at the Curtain.

You will notice new signage on our buildings & trailers compliments of the LLSR – they look pretty sharp. Hannes is off to Beaver Creek to work with the Birds of Prey team in advance of their snow control. We will see him back on the mountain on Sunday.

And finally, meet Hillco – for all of Job Jar & mountain transportation needs…..