As things spin up at Lake Louise, my wife, Mimi, brought to my attention my horoscope in today’s Calgary Herald. I think it bodes well for all us (at least for the Sled Dogs who are Virgos)….

I can guarantee we will all appreciate the ‘beauty of our surroundings’.  I continued reading on and found the horoscope for our Mens Chief of Race, Darrell MacLachlan. His horoscope was another interesting view on the next three weeks….

My advice – if you see Darrell standing by himself with his eyes closed – give him a minute, he may be ‘exploring his inner world’.  It might also be cool to invite him to lead the morning yoga session before we jump on the lift. Mac will have lots of balls in the air as he leads Build Week activities and takes us into the Mens Race Week. We are counting on all crews to share that load.

Tomorrow is our Mens Snow Control day. FIS Race Director Hannes Trinkl arrived in Lake Louise this afternoon. We will be doing a top to bottom inspection of the track in the morning and assess whether we are good to good on snow control or whether we need to push the decision off a couple of days as we have in past years. The RWDI forecast looks excellent over the next week (good cold and some natural snow) and we continue to have guns blowing snow over a number of sections on the course.

The Build Week crew starts arriving on the mountain tomorrow as well. The Net Monkeys will appreciate the extra sets of hands as all crews start ramping up their activities both inside and outside the fences….including putting up the fence that separates the two!

I don’t typically read horoscopes but I thought what the heck – finding inner peace in the beautiful surroundings of this national park and appreciating the friendships of our Sled Dog community………..while putting on some kick ass races is a great prediction for all of us.

Some more advice – please don’t tell Canada’s new Governor General about this – she isn’t big on horoscopes.