Snow overnight required a lot of cat work.
Crews jumped in with shovels and slippers worked non-stop. Coaches tried to help although our slipping instructions may have been lost in translation.

The program was pushed back to ensure that today‘s training run was on a solid track with no snow accumulations to get in the way. Athletes warmup & inspection pushed back 45 minutes and the start time pushed back 30 minutes.  Consultation with the Connection Coaches, athletes representatives and the jury came to the same conclusion to start today’s training run from the Men’s SuperG start. It would give the ladies a chance to focus on how to ski the jumps and not worry about the Gully so much.

All good – the sun came out, the dye looked awesome and then we ran the forerunners. Forerunners give the jury, coaches and athletes an opportunity to see & hear how the track is running. They can identify problem areas, visibility concerns and ensure the timing systems work.  Unfortunately, a small but important spot on the course where the athletes come into Coaches Jump wasn’t stable and started to break up. Slipping & raking was not going fix the problem.  After 5 forerunners ran the course and after some discussion, the Jury agreed that the training run would be cancelled.
The safety of the athletes continues to be our primary focus and with a plan to water and groom the area – we have already turned our focus on to tomorrow’s program.
Ok, most of our focus….because tonight is the Barn Party  ; )