….and that is because it wasn’t a race!   Today rocked.

It was a day of sunshine, shovels and smiles. As I cycled on the mountain, the crews doing the final buff on the course – shovels and rakes were scraping off that last bit of sloughed snow that can slow a racer down.  Infront/DX3 lit up their cameras to film today’s training run. I am sure the production looked brilliant.

The slip crews wearing their stylish yellow bibs kept the track in great shape.  While the dye crew was at the ready – their initial stellar efforts only required one touch up on the lower mountain.

We had one racer lose both skis at Fishnet and while she stayed up top, both her skis ended up skittering down Fallaway/C Turn. She watched the rest of the race at the top of Fallaway until her skis were cycled back up to her.


There are just a couple of water/snow patch repair jobs to be finished up this afternoon.

We are looking forward to a repeat performance tomorrow because WE BE RACING!

Friday’s Downhill race is going to be awesome!