In September, we had crews of keeners up on the mountain working on several projects…

The Timing Crew went top to bottom on the mountain to ensure we have electrical continuity for our events.  Good to know now if there are any problems so there are no surprises come race day.

Joining them on the mountain was a crew that installed the T steel for snow farming in the alpine. The T steel pounder isn’t just heavy but it is loud!

The big crew was focused on the installation of the athletes warm up tent.

Weather for everyone ranged from warm & sunny to cold and blizzardy and the mood of the crews ranged from enthusiastic to hilarious.

The gear worn was from ‘everything you had in your pack’….

…to t shirts…

And just when everyone thought we were done – we hauled out all of the air fences and got them ready for flying up onto the mountain.

It was a great early event team builder and we got a lot of important pre-event work done at the same time.