Yesterday’s training run was successful AND on a much slicker track than the first training run. The sun came out and everyone was race ready. The track above Coaches Jump that was repaired ran very smoothly. As our Chief of Race, Jim Brewington, mentioned at last night’s team captains meeting – “The investment in the time to fix that section properly was well worth it.”The Dye Crew (aka Smurfs…or Picasso’s) did a great job to give the athletes awesome definition from top to bottom. As I rode up TOW, seeing the perfectly parallel dye lines down Sunset Gully made me really proud of thier efforts.

John Ford’s slip crews have their work dialed in. Taking direction from the section chiefs, they kept the track in great shape.  Seeing the Super Slip come flying down just moments before we started racing looked awesome.  A bit of fog created some delays for the final few racers but all of the racers did go out of the start gate. With the athletes getting closer to race day, they were challenging the line more and it did result in a couple of crashes. Our Medical Team was up to the challenge and got the 2 injured athletes safely down to Whisky Patrol.

Today, the skiing world will get to see how hard all of you have been working as the TV cameras light up for real.

As I write this, the sun is just starting to light up the sky and with a few scattered clouds, it is shaping up to be a ‘great day for ski racing’.

Stay safe, cheer loud and we will see you all tonight for a Spolumbo’s.