Hi there!
Lots of things to get caught up on….

The Lake Louise World Cup Executive Committee and Men’s and Ladies Race Organizing Committees have been busy planning for this year’s events ever since we left the snow at the conclusion of last year’s races. Crews are getting buttoned up and we are finalizing things before the bulk of our Sled Dogs arrive in Lake Louise.

The World Famous Net Monkeys are already hard at work.

In September, a number of us went to Zurich for the FIS Fall meetings. There, we learned about the few rule changes for the season, signed off on all of our agreements for our events and sat in on a number of meetings that were held to discuss the development of our sport. We also met with all of the Race Directors. Markus & Atle and their FIS teams are excited to get back to Lake Louise.
Several of the meetings were in a formal setting….
but many are just brief chats in the lobby, over a coffee and yes, over a beer or two.  We also met with other Club 5 members.  As a group of World Cup race organizers, we share with each other our challenges and opportunities.
We were fortunate to take a quick detour before the formal meetings kicked off and we took a spectacular train ride from Zurich……
 to check out the St Moritz venue -home of the 2017 World Championships & a fellow Club 5 member.
The view from the top of the Piz Nair at 3057 metres…
It was 25 degrees in Zurich – not really ski weather but we did get a lot done.
It wasn’t just alpine meetings going on. All of the other FIS snowsports were there for meetings as well. It gave us a chance to meet with Canadian representatives from these other snowsports as well.
We also were able to watch Panorama Resort’s presentation in their bid for the 2022 World Junior Alpine Ski Championships. Here is hoping their bid is successful!