Three in a row and each one was better than the previous one….as they should be with training runs – nice work everyone!

Our Friday race is simply known on the program as DH 1 but it is much more than that. It is the culmination of weeks of work by all of you – work this week by all crews and work in the previous weeks by those of you cheering us on from home. We won’t let you down. You can follow along on FIS Live Timing.

Friday’s race schedule is the same as we have been running for the training runs except the ladies will racing for the podium, CHF 120,000 (CDN $158,201.) in prize money AND the race will be broadcast to 184 million televisions worldwide. Time for our A game.

Today’s training run went great. Pre-run prep went was a busy time with the small amount of snow that had to be cleared from the track. We fired up our tracked quad snowplows for the first time. Not bad results. I think they have a future in our program. The Slip Crew and friends cleared the line and there were plenty of busy shovels and rakes from the Start to the Finish. Infront/DX3 fired up the TV cameras and rolled out the on hill banners – from Milka chocolate to Rauch juice. The inflatables were bobbing in the Finish area and the Video Wall was lit up all day. The weather held off with a small amount of upper mountain fog but there were no delays.

We were close to completing the training run when Bib 62 Monica Caill (Romania) went down hard at Oly Crossing. The Medical Team responded quickly resulting in a longline evacuation. Following assessment by our team at Whiskey Patrol, she was transferred to Mineral Springs in Banff for follow up where we know she is in good hands. In fact, she was in good hands from the time she went down at Oly Crossing all the way through to Banff. We wish her the best.

Please join me in congratulating our Chief of Media, Ken Kilroe who has been asked to join the AIJS – the Association Internationale des Journalistes de Ski. Ken would be the first non-journalist (or journaliste) to join this association. It is quite an honour. Drop by the Media Centre and give him a big Sled Dog hug.

As I had said, what goes on at the Barn Party stays at the Barn Party BUT congratulations to our Buckle awardees last night at the Barn – Lisa Ferguson, Herb Burbee and Bobby Stewart. Well deserved…..and nobody missed the last bus.

Have a fun day tomorrow – because we really is racing!