Our Net Monkeys have already been busy on the mountain for 2 weeks. 
They endured that snowstorm that roared through southern Alberta and with the help of a helicopter have already staged over 80 loads of equipment along the course – including net towers, A nets, B nets, willie bags, spec fencing, tents, air fences – pretty much most of the gear we need to run a World Cup.
Following along with the efforts of the Net Monkeys is both energizing, entertaining and inspiring.
Check them out….
Instagram: netmonkeysca
Facebook: netmonkeysCA
Twitter: @netmonkeysCA
They put in very full days and the odd donut does get into their diet.
In fact, l believe visitors dropped off at least 4 dozen yesterday.
Not to worry, none will go to waste.
What? No pictures of the Net Monkeys?  Not in this post…because they were hard at work on Net One up in the alpine. We didn’t cross paths on this visit.  The donuts will be there when they come off the mountain.